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Highwaymen Art Florida's Forgotten Folk Art Landscape Paintings found in Florida's Antique Districts
By Linda Stamberger

Many people in Florida know about Highwaymen paintings, due to massive localized media attention and published books and articles. But many people outside of the sunshine state have never heard of the group of African American artists, who in the 1950's, captured on canvas the old Florida of the past, before industry took over and bulldozers plowed the land. These artists grew up in a time when Florida was ripe, the seas were less polluted and palm trees were everywhere, blowing in the balmy breeze of the east coast. The artists were from the Ft. Pierce area, and under direction from Alfred Hair and Harold Newton, two of the most famous Highwaymen artists, they learned the formula for painting landscapes, but incorporated their own style and painted fast, in order to make money by selling as many paintings as they could within a day. These artists were racially discriminated against, and could not display their works in galleries, so they resourcefully sold their art from their cars. Their works have now become legendary, and the Highwaymen art collecting trend shows no signs of slowing down.

What makes Highwaymen Art popular is the look, many windswept stormy beaches, intense colors, the way the paint was applied to the canvas, which consisted of old masonite from nearby construction sites and shabby chic type frames, often left unpainted. In some cases, it is folk art, in other works, many examples of fine art, the work has forever captured the intense tropical beauty that only Florida has to offer, in a style that appears mysterious and almost mystical. The historic significance of the work must be acknowledged as well, for most of the old Florida scenery which inspired the artists is gone, Florida's expansive land developments having taken their toll on the ecosystem.

Now people hang Highwaymen Art on their wall and see Florida as it once was, a place of wild tropical beauty, forever captured by the artists who appreciated their culture and surroundings enough to put oil to canvas and let their immense talent flow and breathe life into their naturalistic works.

Antiquing In Florida is like a journal of Florida travels, as well as an important guide on where to find this art, throughout the entire state of Florida, plus other Florida inspired art, antiques, collectibles and more! If you want to learn about Florida art, its small towns and big cities, then this book is for you.

The author is a freelance writer of numerous articles. She moved to Florida in 1999 and discovered it to be a most precious resource for antique collectors, artists and historians, and decided to write a guidebook based on her travels. When researching Antiquing In Florida, she traveled the entire state by car to visit first hand the small towns, hidden districts, big cities, and antique shops for the book, and discovered all the beauty and great antiquing districts Florida has to offer.