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Clearwater Vacation Rentals
By Caitlin Moore

Hereís a scenario for you: Wake up as the Florida sun starts to brighten the corners of your cozy bedroom, and rise from your pillow-top mattress for a stretch and a shower. Fix yourself a cup of coffee and then take it out to the porch, where you can sit and listen to the sound of the ocean that is lapping away at the shore just down the road. Let the gentle breeze stir you into action, if grabbing a towel and wide-brimmed hat counts as such, and head towards the surf.

Sound appealing? At the very least, itís different from your normal morning routine, which consists of swatting at your alarm clock in the dark and wishing for a reprieve from all the predictable things that your day will hold. Itís time to be unpredictable and let the daily machinery grind along without you. Itís time for your vacation; itís time for a journey to Floridaís Gulf Coast.

Clearwater is a good choice, as itís right in the middle of several gatherings of beaches, settlements, and vacation rentals. The cozy, idyllic one mentioned before? It really exists, and is waiting for you to claim it as your own for a few days. This Mediterranean-style newly remodeled home with modern furnishings and pretty painted walls will welcome you into its embrace for however long you need to catch your breath and replenish your energy supply.

This cottage truly is a few yards from the beach, which will please you to no end by letting you leave the car parked in the driveway. Gas prices wonít have to get you down during these few lovely days by the sea. You might want to go towards civilization to gather groceries, grab a meal, or visit one of the many tourist attractions in the area, but if all you end up doing is going back and forth between the beach and the bungalow most of the time, donít be surprised.

A cute, shady garden will invite you to sit down a spell, and the afore-mentioned master bedroom will have you sleeping like a baby. If you like to cook, or if youíll be bringing along someone who does, a kitchen with all the basic appliances will help you on your way towards preparing a few yummy meals. Youíll also have the option of using a washer and dryer, internet access, and an entertainment center, but feel free to avoid these items if youíd rather have a true getaway from familiarity. Stick to wearing your swimsuit all day, ignore the daily news, and talk and read rather than watch TV. Itíll be nice to have modern conveniences just in case, but donít feel obligated to use them.

Your new favorite place to spend time has another sweet bonus; itís pet friendly. The hardest part about leaving town is always finding a place for your pooch and wondering if sheíll be treated properly. Take her along this time and introduce her to the gulf waters, playing Frisbee on the beach as you push away any memories of dog kennels and lonely nights away from your furry friend.

A week or two of windsurfing, snorkeling, dining al fresco, biking (this property has cycles included), and whatever else it takes to get your mind centered and your spirit rejuvenated will all be made possible by a little planning on your part. It doesnít take much to go online and reserve this or whichever vacation rental gives you pause, so peruse the Clearwater vacation rentals asap, even if you should be doing something much more ďimportant.Ē Take a break now to prepare for the ultimate break to come.

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