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Cocoa Beach Vacation Rentals By Caitlin Moore

Cocoa Beach has been on your vacation ďto-doĒ list for years, and the time has come to fulfill your duty to visit this temperate, lovely, and possibility-filled destination. Procrastinate no longer, and prepare to realize what youíve been missing. Itíll feel good to get this responsibility off your chest, especially if you choose to milk this opportunity for all its worth by electing to stay in a vacation rental. Not that you should need further encouragement, but Cocoa Beach is waiting to show you what makes it one of the hottest getaway spots in Florida.

A unique combination of factors makes this barrier island somewhat magnetic in its appeal. Not only is it known for white sandy beaches and emerald waters, which are enough to attract most vacationers, but it is blessed with unearthly sights like space launches and endangered turtle nesting spots. From your perch on your vacation rental porch, donít be surprised to see the waves rhythmically crashing on the shore as well as a show of one of manís greatest designs; the space shuttles making their departure from the earth from Cape Canaveral, which exists just to the north.

When youíre not witnessing such amazing sights in the sky, youíll be seeing them everywhere else. The temperature zones and geographic situation make this region interesting in terms of the species it attracts and the landscapes available for exploration. As mentioned before, sea turtles find this an excellent place to lay their precious eggs, and thereís a certain protocol to follow in order to respect their privacy and nightly comings and goings. Youíll get the hang of it once youíre here, so just keep your eyes open.

So whether youíre focusing on the Atlantic or in the lagoon on the other side of the island, Cocoa Beach has plenty to keep you busy. Swimming, sailing, kayaking, water skiing, and fishing will entice you to immerse yourself in the warm sea, while tennis, golf, antiquing, dining, and bicycling will acquaint you with the charms of dry land. Itís all here for you to see and do, so prepare for a whirlwind tour of holiday heaven. Youíll feel especially relaxed and happy as you go about your daily activities knowing that you have a wonderful place to stay.

Your vacation rental will indeed add a little something to your trip. Previously, plain-jane hotel rooms have served their purpose but left a little something to be desired. This time around, your special digs will accentuate the positives and please everyone in your traveling group. Plenty of room, light, and extra amenities will make spending time at ďhomeĒ no big deal, so you wonít feel like a constant wanderer figuring out ways to avoid going back to your regular old room.

Imagine a Cocoa Beach vacation rental that faces the harbor, where youíll see cruise ships make their way to shore and boaters of all kinds coming back to the mainland. These sights are especially eye-catching at night, so sit back with a cocktail and let the movement of the vessels lull you into a state of repose. The heated pool will also make a great evening activity, especially for the kids, who somehow never tire of being immersed in water of any kind.

Your rental property, in all its beach-themed glory, also has a wonderfully easy-to-navigate kitchen that will make snacks and meals appear like magic. Save a few bucks by eating in instead of out, once in a while anyway, and youíll feel that renting a house was worth it right there. Having an entertainment center, internet access, shelves of books and games, and grill on the patio will also bring a smile to your face as you realize that youíll be hearing no mention of boredom this entire trip. Everything seems to be falling into place for a memorable vacation.

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If your upcoming trip to Florida sounds like it could be a little sweeter than you had originally planned thanks to the fact that youíll be lodging in style, start researching Cocoa Beach Vacation Rentals now. The earlier you begin, the more choices youíll have, so give yourself an edge and prepare to drift off into an exciting land of refreshing sights and sounds.

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