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Relocating to Jacksonville Beach
04th February 2007
Author: Lou Ross

Throughout Florida, there are tons of little beach communities that are hidden gems. Relocating to Jacksonville Beach is one way to experience such a place.

Relocating to Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is a small city located on the East coast of Florida. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean in Duval County, this city is home to 20,990 residents. A small city not only in terms of population, Jacksonville Beach is also a small place area-wise, comprising just 7.7 square miles of territory. With main industries in the city that are mostly tourism related, many who live here are forced to find employment in other towns and cities nearby (only 26.3% live and work in Jacksonville Beach).

Many people consider relocating to Jacksonville Beach because of the climate and scenery. Temperatures here are moderated by the city's location on the water, and highs generally do not reach above 90F. Lows in the city only reach about 50F in the winter (both of these statistics are higher than the United States' average). Jacksonville Beach also has a higher than average amount of precipitation annually; some months see as much as eight inches of precipitation. Sunshine is variable at best the average amount received in Jacksonville Beach is about equal to that of the rest of the nation.

Other people who are relocating to Jacksonville Beach may be doing so because of the standard of living. The median yearly household income here is $46,922 which is about 150% of the US average. The average cost of purchasing a home here in the city is $126,600, and some residents choose to rent their homes. The average cost of housing rental in Jacksonville Beach is $809 per month. The median age of residents in the city is 38.4 years.

Crime in Jacksonville Beach is just a little above the average for the United States. On a crime index scale, the average is 325.2 for the entire country. Jacksonville Beach rates a 473.1, with most of the crimes occurring here falling into the category of theft. The nearest city of any size to Jacksonville Beach is the state capital, Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville Beach is also within a few miles of many other small beach towns and resorts.

This area is also home to several large colleges and universities, such as the University of North Florida (which is six miles away) and Florida Community College. There are four public primary/high schools in Jacksonville Beach, which belies the age difference in this city. Most of the residents, as well as the median age of the residents, are above state average.

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