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Buying A New Home In Palm Coast, Florida
by Tom Beaty

If you are thinking of buying a new home in Florida, Palm Coast is a city worth considering. Nestled amid the wooded beauty and natural wetlands of Florida's East coast, Palm Coast is a growing city of more than 50,000 residents. Palm Coast offers all the amenities of city life with a small town feel. Our welcoming community and careful city planning give you a sense of Old Florida without sacrificing convenience.

Beautiful weather, numerous amenities and activities such as golf, tennis, boating, fishing, and more, pristine beaches, proximity to state and local parks, and exciting Florida cities; Palm coast has something for everyone.

Tips for the new home buyer

Just as you would in any other city, it pays to do plenty of research before you buy your new Palm Coast home. Explore the city, visit the Chamber of Commerce, and read the local papers. Decide which Palm Coast neighborhood provides the amenities you desire, including proximity to work, schools, medical care, shopping, parks and other recreational activities.

Buying an existing home

Carefully consider whether you would like to purchase an existing home or if you would like to have a custom home built. If you decide to purchase an existing home, and there are homes for sale in your desired neighborhood, either call the listing realtors, or find a realtor you would like to work with exclusively. Make sure you find a realtor you are comfortable with and who inspires your confidence. This is the person who will be guiding you through your home buying process, especially if you purchase an existing home, so choose carefully.

Potential pitfalls of an existing home purchase

When buying an existing home in Palm Coast, or anywhere else in Florida, there are several things you need to look out for. First, carefully consider the age of the home you are looking to purchase. Was it built before lead paint restrictions were put into place? Does it have an old (and often unsafe) furnace that will need to be removed? Does the home have solid electrical wiring and plumbing, or will you have to make expensive repairs?

Take advantage of the inspection process. Hire a quality inspector who will thoroughly inspect all major systems in the home, and who will be able to tell you more about the structural integrity of the home. Some homes are built below hurricane code, and if you are buying a new home in Florida, the last thing you want is a below-code home. The inspection process is crucial! You need to ask if there has been any termite damage, flood damage, wood rot, roof damage or leaks in the home.

Considering a newly constructed Palm Coast home

Although it can be more expensive to have a custom home built, the new home buyer would be well served to research and consider this option. If you decide on a custom home, you immediately alleviate several new home buying worries. Everything is new, so you don't have to worry about expensive repairs. In a newly constructed home, there are no termites, no wood rot, leaks or flood damage, and you know what materials that are being used to build your home. Not to mention, with a custom home you have the opportunity to build a home that reflects your personality, with exactly the colors and features that you have always wanted.

Finding the right builder

It is best to research several home builders in the Palm Coast area. Homes built by reputable builders are often more expensive, but quality construction is well worth the extra expense. Cheaper tract homes may be easier on the wallet initially, but in the Florida climate you will end up paying more for repairs in the long run if you buy a cheaply build home.

When interviewing a prospective builder, begin by asking about the types of materials they use. Quality builders use quality materials. Do they build the walls and foundations with wood, concrete block, or solid poured concrete? Do they build their homes above hurricane code? If so, how far above code do they go? Find out about upgrade packages and whether it costs more for high quality materials and comfort upgrades. Ask for references and check them.

Educated buyers have the best home buying experience

Do your homework, shop around, and find quality professionals you can trust to assist you with everything from finding or building your ideal Palm Coast home, to financing that home. The extra time you put in now will pay dividends in the long run, and will ensure that you have a positive experience when finding the Palm Coast home of your dreams.

About the Author
Tom Beaty is a homebuilder and real estate broker for over 25 years. For free good advice and information visit; Buying a home in Palm Coast,Florida