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Port St. Lucie Florida Travel and Tourist Information

Port St. Lucie Vacations

by Caitlin Moore

East of Disney, North of places like Palm Beach and Miami and representative of all that Florida has to offer, Port St. Lucie isn't the most well-known place in the Sunshine State but it's certainly worth some attention. The Central Atlantic Coast overflows with recreational opportunities as well as fine weather and lots of untainted wilderness, making it a valuable part of the overall identity of the state. You can't really go wrong when visiting Florida, but Port St. Lucie does have a certain something special.

Space travel, sports and eco-tourism are few possible themes of a Port St. Lucie vacation. Specifically known for its three PGA courses and all the sunny days a golf-addict could ask for, this town has you covered when it comes to putting and driving your heart out. Experts will be challenged by the professional designs and novices will be able to make their way around just fine. All in all, it's a good place to be if you have golfing on the brain.

Also, this is where the Mets' spring training camp is located, so baseball fans are in for a treat as well. Fantasy campers certainly won't mind having a town full of activities to engage in during their downtime, anyway, and when the season is beginning there's a definite feeling of excitement in the air. Other sports include beach volleyball, tennis, cycling and surfing; anything that requires sunshine and energy make for good times here in Port St. Lucie.

That's right, don't forget the beach is the centerpiece of all of this. From swimming to snorkeling to walking barefoot on the sand, the waves and the breezes are ready to take you far, far away. Jaycee Park is a family-oriented place where you can picnic and play. Kimberly Bergalis has a 1,200 foot long boardwalk, and several other public beaches are open all year round for your visiting pleasure. Pack a bag of snacks and paperbacks and don't forget the sunscreen.

The unique marshland means lots of fun for nature lovers. Kayak tours, bird-watching, hiking and manatee viewing will all open your eyes to the natural wonders of the Atlantic coast. Museums and guided walks have the power to inform as well as show, so leave here with a new set of facts and memories in addition to the thrills of having seen a whole new world of ecological and geographical treasures. Preservation and conservation are central tenets down here, so you'll also be a little wiser to the effects of humans on the natural world. Basically, it'll be a valuable experience for you and yours to have.

Day trips from Port St. Lucie are tops. Orlando is about an hour and a half's drive, so visiting one of the many theme parks can be reasonably achieved. Also, Cape Canaveral is a few miles north and shuttle launchings can be seen from several different vantage points. If you happen to be around in the general time frame of one of these awe-inspiring moments, don't miss it. The famed Treasure Coast is also a worthy draw, as it includes the hotspots of Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Driving may not be what you choose, so feel free to hop on a boat and wander the sea in order to satisfy the urge to see more of Florida.

Of course, Port St. Lucie is heavy on traditional diversions, too, like shopping, dining and hitting the town. Sports bars, fine restaurants, charming boutiques and outlet stores will fill your vacation with those little moments of revelry that make everything seem right with the world. Cheers to having a good time, for laughing with your friends and family, and for uncovering a few delicious bargains. Treat yourself to something nice and celebrate it with a tantalizing meal - what better way to end a delightful day in Port St. Lucie?

Actually, the very best way to truly end a day is to return to your charming vacation rental. Book a town home, condo or beach villa to squeeze every drop of comfort, modernity and convenience from this trip. There are dozens of Port St. Lucie Vacation Rentals to chose from, meaning there's certainly one that's right for you and your companions.

Go online to explore the possibilities of Port St. Lucie, and good luck in completing your journey towards a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in the sun.

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