Key West , FL

Key West, is one of the famous southern points in Florida. Experience its marvelous night life parties, seafood resturants and so much more not to mention its famous beach locations.

Shopping in Key West

Believe it or not Key west has various locations for those who love to shop!


Want expontaneous? Parasailing is a popular activity in Key West done by many every year ! Parasailing is where you go flying with a parachute that is tied to a speeding sailing boat. For many parasailing is safe, fast and a lot of fun. Almost anyone could do it!


Key West has some of the msot plesant resorts for those in different stages of life. Wanna get away from the norm ? Key West has both Family Resorts and Adult’s Only Resorts.

Dry Tortugas

Visit one of the most popular tourist spots ! Dry Tortugas is popular because it is quite the historical spot. In 513, the group of islands were discovered by a group of Spanish explorers headed by Ponce de León.Tortugas means turtles in Spanish and they found a lot of turtles there. The dry part comes from the fact that there is no fresh water source on the island itself. Hence the name Dry Tortugas as in a place with turtles and no drinking water. With that came the 7 islets.